Staff Application Guidelines


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Staff Application Guidelines


Below is a model application to give you an idea of what is expected from you when you are applying for a staff position.


-= Details =-
Age: 19
Timezone: CST (UTC-6)
Discord: Blobuscus#2660
Playtime: I have playing on the AAMC network on-and-off for about a year.
Punished before: I have never received a punishment on the AAMC network.

-= Application Questions =-
What position do you wish to apply for?
Moderation Position

-= Moderator Questions =-
Why do you wish to apply?

I am applying for a moderation role as I am deeply interested in the vision of this server. From my time on the network, I have noticed that administration strives to provide players with an enjoyable and unique experience. Whether this be achieved through custom configuration in Dungeons or creative additions in Survival, each aspect of the AAMC network feels fresh. However, it is important that players are held accountable for their actions, even when administrators and developers are offline.

Do you have experience in moderating a Minecraft server, or anything else?
I have extensive experience moderating Minecraft Servers and have been doing so for upwards of five years. Specifically, I held a moderator role on SpaceBugSMP from April of 2015 to roughly October of 2018 when the server unfortunately closed. From about August of 2018 to January of 2020, I performed server moderation and back-end administration for SpaceBugV2; a legacy server made by ChillJacob and myself. Aside from these more notable duties, I have also assisted friends create small servers and modded experiences.

Why should we select you over another applicant?
I should be selected over another applicant primarily on account of my extended alignment with server administration. Outside of this, I express great willingness to act as a team player, am self-motivated, can communicate effectively, and am willing to learn new skills.

-= Moderator Scenarios =-
You're the only staff online and players are constantly asking you questions. Someone then DMs you on Discord, telling you that a member is sending inappropriate links in chat. What would you do?

First and foremost, I would prioritize the issues being presented to me. Specifically, I would gaze at the chat to note if a player is in immediate need of a response, such as asking if a certain machine in allowed. If none of the questions require immediate attention, I would address the Discord DM and determine if the accused player did indeed post inappropriate links in chat. If so, I would punish them via a temp mute or ban depending on the severity. After that is sorted, I would address the issues in chat.

A player joins and threatens to DDoS the Network if they aren't given Owner Rank or OP. What would you do?
If this were to occur, I would sternly inform the player that they will not receive Owner Rank or OP and that we take DDoS threats very seriously. If the player decides to keep making threats, I would permanently ban them. If they feel such a punishment was unwarranted, they could appeal.

A player is using extremely vulgar language or being toxic in chat. What would you do?
In this situation, I would provide the player with a stern warning that such behavior is not allowed. If the player persists, I would permanently mute them and direct them towards the appeals page.

You notice another member of staff abusing their powers to get an advantage. What would you do?
In this scenario, I would collect preliminary evidence and privately message the staff member and remind them that using their powers to get an advantage is not allowed. If they continue to abuse, I would collect additional evidence and contact an upper administrator so the issue could be handled accordingly.

Do you understand that asking a staff member to look at your Application will result in an immediate denial? Yes