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AutoAuxilium Network Rules


A set of rules have been put in place on all of our platforms, and they are expected to be followed at all times when interacting with others whether it be in-game, on discord, or on the forums. Punishments have also been put in place, and staff will not hesitate to punish any player who decides to go against the rules.

Note that these rules are just guidelines on basic conduct, and staff are free to punish any player based on their own judgement whether the offense is listed here or not. Also note that nobody is more or less protected from getting punished if they are a donator, we value the safety and happiness of our community over their money.

The AutoAuxilium Management team reserves the right to modify any rule, or remove any* player from the network, at any time with no reason. This is your guarantee that the server is kept free of players who abuse loopholes in the rules.


Don't be a jerk. If you need to stop to think if your actions are moral, it is a good idea to not do them at all.

Global Rules

Chat Rules
Filters have been implemented to deny certain messages from being sent, however not everything is automatically moderated. In the event that one of these rules are broken, a temporary mute will be issued, the length will depend on the severity of the offense. This includes but is not limited to:
» Spamming or excessive caps.
» Excessive Swearing
» Toxicity or Harassment.
» Inappropriate or offensive content.
» Racist or homophobic slurs.
» Suicidal Encouragement.
» Staff disrespect.

Self Advertisement
Filters have been implemented to deny any type of link that is unrelated to AAMC from being sent through. In the event that this filter is bypassed, a 7 day mute will be issued. The following are examples of advertising and can be punishable:
» Advertisement of other Minecraft servers.
» Advertisement of other websites or businesses that are not affiliated with AAMC.
» Participation in marketing or online selling.

Spam Botting
In the event of implying to spam bot the AutoAuxilium Network or any of its platforms, a permanent blacklist will be issued. Please note that creating suspicion of botting any platform will be more than enough authentication to get blacklisted. You may appeal this punishment have sufficient evidence to prove your innocence.

DDoS / Dox Threats
In the event of implying to leak or expose another user's privacy, a permanent blacklist will be issued. This can include leaking another users' personal information which they do not want exposed. Please refrain from making jokes about DDoSing or Doxing, as it can be taken out of context.

Mute or Ban Evasion
Evading a mute will result in a 14 days ban on both accounts, and evading a ban will result in a permanent blacklist. If you have received a punishment, please try appealing the punishment rather than attempting to evade it, it will make your situation a lot worse.


Gameplay Rules

Anything that gives you an unfair advantage over another player is classified as cheating. In the event that you are caught cheating, you will be permanently banned from the entire network. Upon appealing the punishment, you are more than likely to get your ban reduced to a fair duration depending on the damage that was caused. If you are unsure if a certain modification is allowed, please ask a staff member before using it. The following can be seen as cheating and is punishable:
» Combat modifications such as Kill Aura, Reach, AntiKnockback.
» Movement modifications such as Fly, Speed, Bunnyhop.
» Terrain modifications such as Xray, Cavefinder.
» Hacked clients such as LiquidBounce, Vape, Sigma, Huzuni.
» Auto-Clicking Modifications such as Autofishing or Automining.

Allowed modifications:
» Clients such as Badlion, Labymod and Forge, as long as they do not contain or are injected with cheats.
» Minimaps as long as they do not show caves, or are not used to blatantly target players.
» Anything that does not give you an advantage over another player.

Scamming a player in-game or in real-life is not allowed. Keep in mind that the AAMC Staff team will try their best to resolve any disputes that occur, however there is nothing we can do to compensate against real-life loss. If the player was scammed in-game, the staff team will make an attempt to return back any possessions that the player wrongfully lost. In the event that you are caught scamming a player, a temporary ban will be issued, the length will depend on the severity of the offense.

Additionally, If you have been trusted to a claim, the claim owner has given permission for you to modify the claim in any way shape or form. As a claim owner, you are responsible for who you trust to your claim.

In the event that you are involved in a situation related to griefing, you will be punished accordingly under staff discretion.

Exploiting Dupes / Bug
Depending on the severity and context, exploiting or abusing a duplication which can affect gameplay can result in a permanent ban, along with a potential stat-wipe depending on the damage caused. Anyone intentionally involved also has the risk of being punished.

Alt Boosting
Using alt accounts to get an unfair advantage such as obtaining multiple rewards or carrying out multiple actions that can't be performed with one account is completely disallowed. As well as this, on the dungeons server, you are not allowed to join an arena with another person with the intention to let the other person complete the arena without you helping them whatsoever. Depending on the severity and context, in the event that you are caught alt boosting, you risk getting banned on all accounts that were involved.


If you witness or have been affected by a player breaking the rules, and have sufficient evidence against them, please fill out a report against the player here.
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